Wedding day is a big step in everyone’s life. It is the end of some crazy part of your life and beginning of some even crazier part. It is not always easy to be married and there is no book with a right receipt “how to make it”. It won’t be easy, and it won’t be beautiful every day. But there is one important thing, which you should know. There used to be a good reason why you married that man or that woman so don’t forget that thing and try to memorize it in every bad situation or in every bad mood or after every stupid fight or argument. People are arguing all the time. That is something totally natural and also very important. Because we get to know people better when we argue with them, so don’t be scared and try to figure it out. It will pass and you will laugh to that one day, believe it.married couple
If you are planning a wedding right now. Then you should decide several things, which are really important for a wedding. Which are:

  • A place. It should be something special. Something with a connection to your love. Maybe a place where you propose to the girl of your dreams? Who knows… Same people really love Prague wedding, because it has magic? Prague is very beautiful and old town in a heart of Europe. It is also very romantic, so there is no clue that it is a right place for a wedding. Search it out!
  • A guest lists. Do you have a lot of friends and a huge family? Start to count!
  • Wedding dress. That is one of the most important things for woman in her life. This dress should really suit you and make you the most beautiful girl the world has every seen.

bride and her girls

  • After wedding party. There should be a good band, which would play your favorite songs and big amount of alcohol. Find a nice hotel or a place in nature and some catering firm as well. Good food, excellent music and a glass of a perfect wine? That should be a solid basis of every wedding.